Wellness Etiquette

Wellness - goers visiting the wellness center for the first time often need to know what is expected of them as they prepare for the spa experience. To make the spa experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible here are a few simple spa guidelines to remember:

* Book well in advance to avoid disappointment. Always call 24-hours in advance should you need to cancel or reschedule.
Failure to do so will result in a cancellation fee charged.

*  Do not be shy to request as much information as possible on the type of treatment or service that you have booked.
We are here to make your experience pleasurable.

·* Arrive 5 – 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to ensure you are calm and relaxed before the treatment.

 * Always alert the spa therapist to any current or chronic health condition you have.

 * The cell phones are not a good idea in the wellness – remember you're there to get away from the stress! 

 * Allow the therapist to advise and prepare you for the service as reserved. As you relax and benefit from the treatment you will be sure to feel the stress melt away.

 * After spa treatments, allow at least half an hour relaxation for your body to return to balance.

 * Give as much information or feedback to the therapist as to your comfort level. 

 * Every person relaxes differently – so feel free to speak or not during your treatment.

 * Take your time preparing to leave the treatment room, however, remember there may be another client waiting to use the space.

 * Let the therapist knows if your experience at the wellness was as expected. Your feedback is always appreciated.

 * After treatment feel free to ask about new and innovative products to use at home until the next wellness visit. A bath soak or an essential oil will help to take the wellness experience home.

 * The right way to wellness is your way; always have good communication with the wellness personnel and make the experience a relaxing and memorable one.

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