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Detox Therapies/Sense of Detox

Detox body therapies aim to cleanse the body of toxins through various treatments such as body wraps, scrubs, massages, and more. These therapies typically involve the use of natural ingredients and techniques. The process helps stimulate circulation, release impurities, and restore balance to the body, leaving individuals feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

It is a detoxifying massage technique that uses gentle rhythmic movements and organic heating oil to stimulate the lymphatic system, helping to reduce fluid retention, eliminate wastes, and improve the body's cleansing process. Start with dry brushing to encouraging the flow of lymph, this specialized massage can support the removal of excess fluid, proteins, increasing the body’s metabolism, muscle tone and ability to flush out toxins.   75 minutes € 75


Ultra sound / cavitation

Anti-cellulite Ultrasound Massage

The use of anti-cellulite ultrasound therapy at 3 MHz, combined with anti-cellulite gel, can effectively target cellulite by penetrating deep into the skin and subcutaneous tissue. This treatment can improve circulation, metabolism, tissue regeneration, and reduce muscle tone and pain. By increasing the permeability of cell membranes, the therapy aims to provide visible benefits in reducing the appearance of cellulite. For quick, visible, and enduring effects, consider combining the massage with 15-minute sessions of LED or cryotherapy. These combined therapies can enhance skin health and appearance significantly.             40 minutes € 60


Cupping Massage

Detox Cupping

Cupping therapy promotes blood circulation and detoxifies the body. This specific massage targets key muscle groups in the lower body including the upper legs, glutes, lower back, hips, and abdomen. The incorporation of dry brushing and heating cups helps increase firmness, enhance skin tone, and potentially reduce the visibility of cellulite in these areas.
                                                                                  30 minutes € 50

The seven senses Wellness

Anti-cellulite Honey Massage

Anti-cellulite massage with honey is a natural and effective therapy due to honey's purifying qualities and antioxidant properties. By eliminating toxins from the body, honey helps prevent the accumulation of free radicals, a known cause of cellulite. As toxins cannot be effectively excreted from the body, they bind to fatty acids in the subcutaneous tissue, creating hard cellulite. This therapy aims to release toxins from the body, leading to a reduction in cellulite and promoting skin health.                                                                                     30 minutes € 50

Non-invasive "suction" of fat accumulations using suction valves. It helps to permanently disperse the lymphatic accumulations and after only a few procedures there is a noticeable reduction in the circumference of the treated areas. The massage is performed with special equipment or suction cups and active serums that help to free the cell from accumulations. Vacuum massage with suction valves helps, but the combination wrap detox therapy or Ultrasound application of anti -cellulite gel and fit training play an essential role in the fight against cellulite.         30 minutes € 50



Anti-cellulite Vacuum Massage

Gun Therapy

Anti-Cellulite Gun Therapy

Particularly vibration therapy, can help strengthen and mold the collagen fibres in the skin, which may lead to improvements in the appearance of cellulite. While vibration therapy itself doesn't directly target cellulite, it has been used and recommended for cellulite removal due to its potential benefits on the underlying tissue. A 30-minute session may offer some positive effects, but consistent treatment over time may be needed for more significant results.    30 minutes € 50


*Reward each 5 detox body treatment get 1 free *

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