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FREE Consultation

The Seven Senses – Organic Wellness centre provides valuable assistance to its clients by offering complimentary consultations on cosmetic issues, skin diagnostics, and types of cosmetics and procedures. This service aims to enhance client knowledge and help them make informed decisions about their skincare needs.

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Lifting Hydration Facial

The deeply hydrating facial treatment that firms and lifts the facial contour is a suitable choice for individuals wanting immediate results before a special event. This anti-aging facial not only provides intense moisture tailored to all skin types but also aids in skin regeneration, protection from environmental stressors, and a refreshed skin feel. With immediate results that leave the skin lifted, even-toned, and glowing, it effectively addresses the taut sensation commonly experienced in moisture-deficient skin, offering a sense of well-being and improved skin appearance.                                      75 mins €70


Anti-ageing Facial

This natural anti-ageing facial is designed for dry skin focuses on targeting lines and wrinkles by neutralizing micro-tensions and boosting collagen and elastin production. With its safe and organic ingredients, it aims to reduce fine lines, expression lines, signs of ageing, acne scars, and pigmentation, providing a comprehensive approach to improving skin health and appearance.              75 mins €70

Sensitive Facial

This facial treatment provides a holistic approach to skincare, addressing both nourishment and protection for sensitive skin. The incorporation of moisturizing organic products, vitamins, antioxidants, and gentle massaging motions is key to ensuring its effectiveness without causing unnecessary irritation to the skin. This regimen appears to offer a well-rounded skincare solution for both protection and nourishment for the skin. By fortifying the skin barrier, reducing irritation, and promoting regeneration, it aims to improve the health and resilience of dry and sensitive skin.                                             75 mins €65



Deep Cleansing Facial


Deep facial cleansing with a two-step approach involving ultrasonic and mechanical methods offers a thorough removal of dead cells, pollutants, and comedones, leaving the skin rejuvenated and refreshed. The ultrasonic peeling helps in gently exfoliating the skin's surface, while the mechanical treatment goes deep to clear out impurities. The result is clean skin that feels fresh and allows for better breathing, creating a soothing sensation that can improve skin health                   75 mins €65



Redness control Facial

This Facial effectively tackles skin issues related to capillary dilation, redness, and irritation. It is specifically designed for those with dry, sensitive skin or skin prone to conditions like couperose and rosacea. By using this therapy, one can experience relief from these symptoms and achieve healthier, calmer skin.                                                                                                          60 mins €59


Advanced Bio Facial


Experience the ultimate in skincare a transformative treatment that combines natural actives, holistic skin science, and bio tech devices to deliver deep hydration, enhance cellular renewal, and promote a youthful, plump appearance. With vegan collagen and next-generation hyaluronic acid, this facial offers remarkable rejuvenation and a lifted, youthful complexion, elevating your skincare routine to the next level.       90 mins €100           Package of 4 sessions  €360


Take your treatment to the next level by adding 20 minutes €35 Facial Add Ons:

*LED Light Therapy

*Micro – Needling

*Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

*Ultrasonic Induction

*Cold Firming/Cryotherapy

*Aqua Dermabrasion



*Mesotherapy Booster

- Vegan Hyaluronic acid Booster

- Vegan Collagen Booster

- Peptide Anti-wrinkle Booster

- Organic Vitamin C

- Organic rice bran 

- Organic Sea buckthorn

- Backucihol (Plant Retinol)

- Organic eye mesotherapy


Best Matches Add on:

Lifting Facial

HIFU + Cryotherpy 30 minutes € 40

Microneedling + Cryotherapy + LED 45 minutes €50

HIFU + Lifting Bio Lift + LED 50 minutes €60

Acne Scars

HIFU + LED + O2 therapy 50 minutes €60

Microneedling + Cryotherapy + LED 50 minutes €60

Deep Cleansing

Microdermabrasion + Cryo + LED 40 minutes €50


RF Vitamin ‘’C’’ + LED 40 minutes €50

Anti Age Facial

RF Hyaluronic acid + LED 40 minutes €60

HIFU + Cryotherpy + LED 40 minutes €60


LED phototherapy

LED light therapy or PDT (Photo Dynamic Therapy) is a highly effective and painless method of rejuvenating and treating multiple skin problems, including acne, rosacea, sun damage, premature aging, pigmentation and much more.  LED stimulates blood and lymph circulation, reduces inflammation and improves cell metabolism and protein (collagen) synthesis. It is all-natural, method of skin rejuvenation by enhancing natural cell renewal and regeneration. It is good add on with Facial or Body therapy.       20 mins €35           Package of 4 sessions  €126

Oxygen Facial Therapy

The Oxygen treatment is an all-natural, skincare technique that utilizes water and oxygen to hydrate and oxygenate the skin, resulting in improved appearance and texture. This non-chemical procedure offers the benefits of organic ingredient infusions to address specific skin issues, making it a gentle and effective solution for achieving healthier skin.              20 mins €35

Facial Massage

The combination of lymph face massage, reflexology face massage, and lifting massage technique can be a powerful and effective way to improve circulation, reduce puffiness, promote relaxation, and enhance the overall appearance of the skin. This massage covers the face, neck and décolletage in these places, the signs of aging appear first. By targeting these specific areas prone to showing signs of aging, regular facial massages can also help improve collagen production and diminish fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in a more youthful and radiant complexion.                         30 mins €45


Dimond microdermabrasion Facial

Diamond tip microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that improves skin appearance by gently removing the top layer of skin cells, resulting in a refreshed, smooth, and even complexion. The benefits of the procedure includes reducing wrinkles, renewing the skin by promoting cell regeneration, evening out skin tone by removing pigment spots, closing pores for improved sebum regulation, providing a visible lifting effect, and enhancing skin microcirculation and nutrition through vacuum technology.                             60 mins €65

Back Deep cleansing

Ultrasonic cleaning of the back is indeed crucial, particularly in winter when skin can become suffocated, and pores clogged from increased oil production. Regular cleaning, ideally twice a year or more frequently for problematic skin, helps maintain smooth and clean skin, preparing it for seasonal changes and ensuring its health and beauty.    45 mins €60




Soothe & Enrich Antioxidant Facial


A restorative treatment for dehydrated, sensitive, or damaged skin. By incorporating potent antioxidants and essential fatty acids, this facial helps combat free radical damage and prevent visible signs of aging. The nutrient-rich elixir and marma massage without electronic devices, also aid in increasing collagen and hyaluronic acid production, promising a revitalizing experience for the skin.      90 mins €90

This facial treatment includes deep cleansing, extractions, the use of darsonval and soothing and hydrating products to address a variety of skin concerns. It aims to unclog pores, hydrate, and nourish problem skin, regulating sebum production and reducing shine while also providing moisture to dry skin areas. This therapy is suitable for those with combination skin, oily skin, or blemish-prone skin, offering a tailored solution for improved skin health.             75 mins €65


Balance Facial

                                                 Micro needling Facial

Micro needling/ Derma pen is a popular dermal treatment that involves creating micro-sized punctures in the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production, ultimately improving of their skin, reduce pigmentation and the size of acne scars, increase elasticity, and regain their youthful and natural appearance. By reaching the dermis layer without causing deep wounds, the procedure initiates the body's natural healing process.  For best results a sessions of 3 to 6 are recommended.             

                    60 mins € 75                            Package of 4 sessions  €270   

Man Facial – Face, Nack, and shoulders

It's fantastic to see a focus on personalized skincare treatments for male guests, as skincare knows no gender boundaries. The combination of a massage and tailored solutions for individual skin concerns is a great way to address both relaxation and skin health, ultimately providing a well-rounded experience for the guests. The inclusion of a face, neck, head, and shoulders massage adds an extra layer of relaxation and pampering to ensure a holistic treatment.               75 mins €65

The seven senses serums.png

RF & Ultrasound Application of Ampoule

Radiofrequency (RF) and ultrasound technologies are commonly used in aesthetic treatments for various skin concerns, such as firming, lifting, and rejuvenation. The RF energy can help stimulate collagen production and improve skin texture, while ultrasound waves can aid in deeper product absorption, making the ampoule treatment more effective in addressing specific skin issues. The combination of RF and ultrasound application of an ampoule can offer a non-invasive way to achieve improved skin quality and appearance.              40 mins €50               Package of 4 sessions   €210

Bio lifting eye contour / Anti Age

Bio lifting, with its ability to stimulate blood circulation and perform muscle gymnastics in the delicate eye contour area, seems to offer a comprehensive solution for various eye concerns such as sagging eyelids, fine wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. This treatment acknowledges the unique needs of the skin around the eyes and may provide targeted care and rejuvenation benefits for this specific area.                20 mins €35

The Rose Quartz Brightening Eye Treatment

It is a luxurious and effective solution for common eye concerns. During the gentle application, the age defying ingredients work to create a hydrating and lifting effect, and to help smooth out the appearance of fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. This treatment designed to enhance the delicate eye area and promote a more relaxed look.               20 mins €35

V max HIFU / Mini HIFU Facial

HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) technology is indeed a powerful method for targeting and stimulating collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin, particularly the SMAS layer, to help reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin appearance. It is often used for facial rejuvenation and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It is recommended consultation to determine if V max HIFU is the right treatment for your specific concerns.  60 mins €75  /  Package of 4 sessions  €270


Cryotherapy Facial/Cold Firming

Cryotherapy is popular method to tighten and brighten our skin which offers various benefits for the skin, such as soothing, reducing fat secretion, protection from pollution, and a subtle lifting effect. It is particularly recommended for individuals with sensitive or couperose skin due to its gentle and calming properties. The cold is perfect to calm the skin after Microneedling or deep cleansing facial.            20 mins €35

Buccal-massage The Seven Senses_edited.jpg

Buccal Face massage

Bio-Activation of the face - deep-tissue, sculpting massage of the face with osteopathic techniques. Visible results after the first procedure! The treatment starts with manual lymphatic drainage massage followed by manual face sculpting and modelling massage techniques. Through osteopathic techniques, will release fascial blockages, thanks to which the lifting is visible already at the first procedure. Buccal massage - a massage technique working on the muscles of the face. Muscles are toned, their volume is restored, and the oval of the face acquires a youthful appearance. For a long-lasting and complete result, 4 to 10 procedures applied once a week are needed.     30 mins €45                        Package of 4 sessions €160

Express Facial

The express facial offers a quick yet rejuvenating experience for those with a busy schedule. Whether opting for a massage or mask application, the use of natural ingredients during the treatment imparts benefits to the skin. Additionally, gaining tips on maintaining healthy and balanced skin at home adds value to the overall experience. Ideal for those in need of a fast and effective skincare refresh.                                            30 mins €45

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