For Men

D'Vine Face Ritual For Men
If your skin is feeling uncomfortable or irritated, this is the treatment for you! 
Our super-soothing cleansing will remove impurities from your skin and a calming Hydrating Masque will instantly calm redness and reduce inflammation.
This face treatment helps to Energize, Balance and Protect the skin on a deeper level. With the use of  Balancing serum the skin will be noticeably brighter and revitalized. 
Note: Shaving is not necessary but it is recommended. If you do choose to shave prior to your facial, be sure to do so at least two hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

Junior Menu

Junior treatments are specially designed for children and young adults. In these modern times, children too are subject to stress and need time to relax and expend their energy. The junior treatments range from miniature spa sessions to carefully crafted wellness journeys for the developing mind. Products are selected with careful consideration to their young skin and developing structure.

These treatments are specifically designed for the young adult (from 9 -16). The products have been carefully selected to ensure that they are perfect for their adolescent skin. Please note the age requirements for each treatment.

For those little feet that have been busy at play the whole day.
Massage has also been scientifically proven to assist in the healthy growth of young bones.
30 min 

Reiki for Children 
Children of any age can benefit from Reiki. After treatment, most children give quite vivid and excited descriptions
of their experiences. Because they are less encumbered by life experiences and conventions, 
they often require much shorter treatments.
Parents are welcome to sit in on treatments if the child requests it.
Mini Facial 
Adolescence and hormonal changes go hand in hand and this can lead to congested skin. 
Young skin needs gentle care and maintenance to enhance and create total balance. 
This facial is formulated to assist the skin's natural ability to function in perfect harmony, 
with a natural and gentle blend of products. 
30 min  
Back and Shoulder Massage 
A gentle massage using only light and pure base oils
Ideal for relaxation after a day of activity.
30 min 
Head & Shoulder Massage 
Relax and let that hard day of fun and play be eased away by having 
a soothing massage to the shoulders and the head. 
30 min 
Head, Hands and Feet 
This therapy is a good introduction to the benefits of massage. A gentle massage to the scalp, neck, 
hands and feet will leave you revived and ready for a busy day. 
30 min