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 The Seven Senses

Organic Wellness centre

Centrally located in Naxxar, Malta is newly opened The Seven Senses - Organic wellness centre. Ideal location to explore the island's culture and to relax your senses with a wide range of Packages and treatments. Whether you'd like morning massage or package that suits your needs we have a choice to pampering you. There is no standard routine for each treatment. Instead, the expert therapist take the time to understand the objectives and specific needs of each individual and will then personalize their service when it comes to managing the client’s overall health, beauty and wellness. The unique approach enables The Seven Senses to achieve optimal results allows guests to fully engage their sense of sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste, movement and balance. The Seven Senses using organic products which are both better for our skin and also for the environment.



Discover natural health solutions for your body, mind, and soul at our award-winning wellness center. Our approach to holistic wellness is truly innovative and inspiring. By integrating traditional healing practices with all natural spa products, we are offering a comprehensive experience that nourishes both the body and the spirit. The emphasis on grounding with the touch on the feet sets a strong foundation for mental and emotional balance, resonates deeply with individuals seeking inner harmony. With a range of services designed to relax and alleviate stress, including Relaxing and Restorative Massage treatments, Natural healing therapies such as Reiki and reflexology for your body and soul, Organic facials,/Anti age, Micro needeling, HIFU/, Detox,  Lymphatic Drainage, Anti-Cellulite therapies, Wellness packages, Pilates & Yoga classes and much more.

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