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Escape from the stress calm down, relax your mind and soul under the sooth sound and healing touch. We intend to be here through them all, giving you the warm, personal attention you deserve. If you need a massage after a long, hard day or are ready to treat yourself to a total body treatment or organic facial we offer you a comfortable facility and holistic approach dedicated to serving you with a complete range of therapeutic treatments.



Energy Treatments

Our clients are able to experience how The Qi energy flow reflects their state of mind, feelings, thoughts and body well-being by choosing any of our Energy Balancing Therapies such as Balancing Chakra Massage, Reiki (Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing) Head Massage (rhythmic fashion at specific acupressure points on the head and neck/shoulders, resulting in balanced energy & release of strain) and Reflexology (technique focusing press the points corresponding with the body to provide natural self-curative abilities).

By using all natural, organic products we provide the best therapies for your skin and well being. The importance of natural, the power of natural ingredients lives at the heart of all our products and practices. Our holistic philosophy, caring for your whole well-being, focusing on naturally effective skincare products which deliver results you can see and feel.

The Seven Senses - Organic Wellness Center on its 12 years of service and numerous awards! It's a testament to their commitment to providing exceptional holistic wellness services and expertise in therapeutic treatments, earning recognition in categories such as Best Organic Wellness Center, Therapeutic Treatment Specialist, among others.


European Awards and Spa & Wellness Awards  for Wellness Center of the year 2018


European Awards and Spa & Wellness Awards for Excellence of Service and Holistic varieties 

LTG / Luxury Travel Guide Awards won for Therapeutic Treatment Specialist of the year 2019

THA/Travel & Hospitality awards/ Wellness and Spa Centre of the Year 2020

LTG  / Luxury Travel Guide Awards won for Wellness centre of the year 2019/2020


Bulgaria Prestige Awards Wellness center of the year 2021/22 

International Spa & Beauty Awards year 2021 as brilliant representative of the excellent services in the global spa & wellness industry

THA/Travel & Hospitality awards/ Spa and Wellness Winners 2022 

THA/Travel & Hospitality awards / Spa of The Year 2023

Choose from range of holistic skin and body treatments. With Organic products our customers are able to enjoy a skin brightening experience using specially selected organic products to reveal their natural glow and rejuvenate their body and face. This group of therapies works deeper to eliminate toxins,  improve circulation, tone and revive the skin.

Wellness Packages

Orly Awards The Seven Senses
The Seven Senses Beaurty awareds_edited.

Restore and relax your body and mind with our Wellness Packages. Focusing on non-invasive techniques & on natural products. Our treatments inspired by the essential benefits of plants, herbs and holistic approach. We strive to offer a service that goes beyond established norms and provides unmatched attention to detail and continuous improvement of standards, creating ongoing relationships with our clients.


Professional Creams  and Bio Oils

LTG WINNER The Seven Senses


Stress Free

Europe  LTG The Seven Senses 2018
Prestige Awards The Seven Senses 2021



Discover a place where peace and relaxation will surround you from the moment you step trough our doors. The Seven Senses is dedicated to providing natural health solutions for the mind, body and soul. We offer a range of award-winning services designed to revitalize your senses, promote relaxation, and alleviate stress. 

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